About Monthly Sustainer Donations

As a monthly sustainer, you ensure the Land Trust can count on reliable funds to take on an ambitious project schedule each year. Thanks to your generosity, we can accomplish a lot:

$10/month –  Make it a double: The price of two barista-prepared espresso drinks in a month provides sufficient funds to outfit two trail workers – two hard hats, two sets of work gloves, and two McLeods, a specific type of two sided rake used for wildfire suppression and trail building. (The Land Trust relies on volunteers for annual trail maintenance, particularly after a harsh winter. It’s a fun outing if you’d like to get a group together. Contact the Land Trust about volunteer trail work opportunities this summer.)

$25/month – For the equivalent of just one fill-up of your fuel-efficient vehicle, the Land Trust could equip three properties for canine hygiene. As much as we enjoy hiking with our dogs, we also expect a poop-free trail. (Dog poop differs from that of the area’s native wildlife in that it contains foreign bacteria that are a contributor to unsanitary water systems and its smell encourages wildlife to seek other habitat.) The Land Trust provides baggie dispensers and appropriate receptacles at multiple trailheads and must service them regularly. Your $25 monthly donation could ensure a sanitary experience for our doggies and us at popular trails like Johnson Canyon, Summit Canyon, and Elizabethtown Meadows.

$50/month – Your generous contribution equivalent to the cost of a monthly night out for pizza and sodas could cover the cost of monitoring each Land Trust property yearly, ensuring compliance with conservation easements and Land Trust Alliance requirements. Whether a remote location like Snow Mountain or close to our downtown Truckee office, like the “Hippie Hill” easement at Sierra College, we visit each property regularly to ensure healthy forest conditions and clean up any mischievous activity, such as the rare occurrence of trash dumping.

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