boyscout trees.jpg

Boy Scout Troop 267 is heading into the woods of Truckee Donner Land Trust’s Webber Lake property with saws in hand to cut Christmas trees for the holiday season.

The Boy Scouts have supported forest thinning by harvesting small red firs from Truckee Donner Land Trust properties over the last few years, selling them next to Mountain Hardware and Sports as the sole annual fundraiser for the troop. The partnership also benefits Land Trust lands, helping thin the crowded understory and improving forest health.

“We are happy to work with such a great group that teaches an appreciation of nature, which is in line with our values,” said Perry Norris, executive director for the Land Trust.

Trees go on sale November 23 at Mountain Hardware, running through Christmas Eve.

“Working with the Land Trust is a great opportunity for our Scouts,” said Dave Huggins, Scoutmaster for the troop. “It fits perfectly into our outdoor program and community service.”

The red firs, which make great Christmas trees, are shade tolerant and can out-compete other understory species in the forest, so the Boy Scout’s work helps restore forests previously thrown out of balance by historic fire suppression.

Beyond the Christmas tree work, the Boy Scouts and Eagle Scouts have a long history of volunteering and assisting the Truckee Donner Land Trust, with projects ranging from restoring a dock at Webber Lake and planting Sugar Pines at Waddle Ranch, to building numerous trails and installing benches at scenic vistas.

Greyson Howard