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The thermometer may say “summer,” but the stores are saying, “Halloween,” and the coffee purveyors are promoting Pumpkin Spice Lattes, which means it’s time for year-end tax planning.

We hope you’ll consider a gift to the Land Trust in 2017. If the stock market has been good to you, there are significant tax advantages to giving appreciated stock that you have held for more than a year. While it’s simpler to donate by check or credit card, note that you’ll get a tax deduction on the fair market value of the securities and avoid the capital gains tax on the appreciated stock. (Which you can buy back to reset the cost basis!)

This Forbes article is several years old, but explains giving scenarios well and outlines for whom the strategy of gifts of appreciated stock make sense. Consult your tax advisor to discuss your specific situation and current regulations.

If you’re making a gift of stock, please let us know! Stock gifts should be directed to the Land Trust’s Charles Schwab account. By policy, we sell your donated stock upon receipt. Let us know if you’re making a gift of stock, since the Schwab transaction provides minimal information and we want to thank you for your gift and let you know the dollar value of your tax deduction.

Please take a look at the instructions for donating stock.

* John Wayne during the filming of “Island in the Sky” (1953) at Airport Flats. The Land Trust acquired part of Airport Flats when the Town of Truckee transferred development rights.  Photo Courtesy Town of Truckee

Greyson Howard