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AUGUST 2019 UPDATE: The Bridges have been fixed thanks to you!

Thanks to your generous and swift support, we have been able to repair all foot bridges and boardwalks on the Donner Lake Rim Trail.


We built some tough bridges and boardwalks on the Donner Lake Rim Trail ... but last winter was tougher. One boardwalk and two bridges have major structural damage from the significant snow loads (about double a normal winter) that need to be repaired so visitors can enjoy the trail, and we need your help.

The Land Trust needs to raise $10,000 to make the necessary repairs and replacements. These bridges and boardwalks are critical for people to enjoy the trail - not only keeping them safe but also preventing erosion issues that would affect downstream water quality all the way to Donner Lake.

Donner Lake Rim Trail is a cornerstone project dating back to the early days of the Truckee Donner Land Trust. Once complete, the trail will circle donner Lake with about 23 miles of trail, giving users views of Donner Lake, the Sierra Crest and beyond. It connects to numerous other trails, making it a hub for hiking, biking and equestrians.

Your donation today will help repair these bridges so you, your friends and family can get out and enjoy the trail!

Greyson Howard