Help Preserve Webber Lake History

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What it is:
The Webber Lake Hotel, built by Dr. David Gould Webber in 1860, was one of the original stops along Henness Pass Road - the route across the mighty Sierra Nevada in its day. Once the transcontinental railroad was complete, the hotel became a recreation destination popular for fishing, boating and enjoying the outdoors. Famous guests included Red Cross Founder Clara Barton, actress Lola Montez and painter Thomas Hill. The hotel was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2018.

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What we’re doing:
While the historic hotel has lasted more than 150 years without a proper foundation, it needs one to make it another 150 years. Expert architects and engineers are carefully lifting the building to construct a foundation.

How you can help:
This preservation project is projected to cost $300,000, so your support and donations are greatly appreciated. Click here to donate, or call us at (530)582-4711.

Greyson Howard