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While this past winter was a boon for California's environment, farms and cities, summer trail networks in the Sierra had a rough ride.  Several atmospheric rivers arrived with high snow levels, torrential rain and flooding.  As the snow melts, revealing winter's wrath, Land Trust staff, along with California State Parks, the U.S. Forest Service, and numerous trails organizations, are developing a long to-do list for trail maintenance.  Fierce wind and heavy snow toppled countless trees and rains eroded the surface of every trail in the area. Please keep in mind there may be trees and washouts to negotiate as you head out for a trail adventure.

Significant maintenance is planned for Waddle Ranch Trails, the Donner Lake Rim Trail, the Wendin Way access trail in Johnson Canyon, Donner Summit Canyon, and numerous trails throughout the Truckee region.  To aid in the maintenance the Land Trust has added summer staff, and is working with the U.S. Forest Service and Truckee Trails Foundation. The maintenance will be ongoing throughout the summer. 

 As you can see the Land Trust crew is already hard at work on our trails in areas now clear of snow like the Wendin Way access to Johnson Canyon, clearing downed trees and repairing erosion caused by the 2017 winter storms:

Greyson Howard