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While Truckee bakes in the summer heat, Donner Summit is often pleasantly cool and full of flowers.  One of the Land Trust staff's favorite trails is the Rowton Peak loop located at Royal Gorge (acquired by the Land Trust in 2012). Associate Director John Svahn joined residents from Serene Lakes on a modified version the loop last week and gave it a “two thumbs up” for its wildflowers, shady fir forests, and spectacular views from atop Rowton Peak. The valley bottoms contain dense patches of big-leaf lupines and columbine and the higher elevations are full of pennyroyal. 

Cliff Busby, a long-time Serene Lakes Resident, noted that there is a micro-climate in Bogus Basin that is counter-intuitive, the higher elevations are already dry, but the valley bottoms are quite lush. Summers are short at subalpine elevation and the squirrels and chipmunks are already busily working to ready their food stores ready for the long winter ahead. Enjoy!

Greyson Howard