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Explore Castle Valley

Castle Valley has been a favorite ski destination since before the completion of Interstate 80. From fun and easy meadow ski tours to the exciting bowls of Castle Peak and 100 mile vistas, Castle Valley has everything.  In 2016 the Truckee Donner Land Trust, and its partner, The Trust for Public Land, brokered a deal to have the property remain undeveloped and become a part of the Tahoe National Forest.

For a meadow ski or snowshoe, ascend the moraine from the trail head on the snow-covered Castle Valley Road.  After about 100 feet of elevation gain, the road crests the moraine and enters a beautiful meadow located between Castle and Andesite Peaks.  This meadow may look familiar to summer hikers as it is surrounded by the Pacific Crest Trail to the North and Hole-in-the-Ground Trail to the South - both are buried in many feet of snow.  Tour through the meadows or stay on the road up to Castle Pass while traveling through stands of large red fir and western white pine.  For those that tour on Telemark or alpine touring gear, powder can be found on Andesite Peak. Castle Peak’s south Bowl often has legendary corn snow. The Sierra Club’s Peter Grubb Hut is located in Round Valley, which is accessed from Castle Valley via a trip over Castle Pass. Be sure and climb up Castle Peak’s west ridge until Round Valley is in sight before descending.

To access Castle Valley in winter a SNO-PARK permit is necessary.  SNO-PARK passes are available at numerous local retailers in Truckee.  Parking is located on the south side of Interstate 80 at the Boreal Ridge Road Exit.  (Please do not park in Boreal’s lot.) Castle Valley is located on the North side of 80 and is accessed by a quick walk on Boreal Ridge Road under the Interstate.

Enjoy your winter adventure in Castle Valley!

Greyson Howard