What the Land Trust's General Fund Does for You

Lower Carpenter Valley

Lower Carpenter Valley

While we love the passion and dedication our supporters often have for a specific project - a piece of land or a new section of trail - checking the “use my gift wherever needed most” box is a great way to give your gift the flexibility to accomplish the most it can.

Whether its jumping on an out-of-the-blue conservation opportunity, putting a needed down payment on a bigger project to take it off the market, or reacting swiftly to a pressing stewardship need like forest health or trail repair, general funds (also sometimes called the annual fund) give our small and nimble staff the ability to act quickly, in a timely fashion, to maximize the benefit of your generous gift.

Stewardship may not get the attention of protecting and opening a new, exciting property, but doing the forestry, the habitat restoration, the watershed protection, the trail building and so much more is critical to ensuring that these properties aren’t just preserved and open to the public today, but they stay that way forever.

Just this year, your flexible dollars allowed us to put a foundation under the historic Webber Lake Hotel ($300,000) preventing it from toppling over, repair damage to our more than 45 miles of trail inflicted by a 200% snow year, start construction of a water system for Webber Lake campground, complete forestry projects on the wildland-urban interface on some of our properties to improve safety, and so much more.

So while we always welcome, and are eternally grateful for, donations earmarked to a project you care deeply about, unrestricted gifts mean we can act fast, protect and open the next piece of wild land, take care of what we’ve got, and continue our now almost 30-year track record of success. Whatever you choose, we thank you for your support.

Greyson Howard