Truckee Open Space

Sierra College Campus

This 73-acre conservation easement is of particular significance in protecting Truckee's scenic and open space from development, and will host a variety of recreational access for hiking and biking trails. The easement restricted the building envelope of the college and ensures the scenic integrity of McIver Hill within sight of Truckee and surrounding highways. The campus is a “green,” environmentally sensitive campus, including over 50 acres of open space with hiking and biking trails.

Jackass Ridge

Jackass Ridge sits behind the Savemart/CVS shopping center running west to Coldstream Canyon. It is an historic Truckee landmark and scenic ridgeline, permanently protected by a conservation easement donated by the Cabona family. The 68-acre easement prevents development and ensures that the ridgeline will permanently retain its alpine integrity.

Airport Flats

The entire network of ownership at Airport Flats, including the Hualapai land has long been a sought after project by the Land Trust due to its scenic and recreational value to the Town and location off of I-80 as a scenic corridor. The values for meriting acceptance of the 71 acres land donation at Airport Flats includes potential recreational connectivity, scenic byway directly south of I-80, open space preservation right at the entrance and exit to the Town of Truckee, and water quality and habitat preservation at the adjoining reaches of the Truckee River Canyon.

Creekside Woods

Creekside Woods is a 19-unit development west of Donner Lake. The owner of the property approached the Land Trust with the idea of an outright donation of approximately 2.4 acres. The site is scenic and it is part of the Old Highway 40 visual corridor. The acreage contains a segment of the historic Lincoln Road (Old 37) that merits preservation.

Bucknam Tract

A unique partnership between the Town of Truckee, Tahoe Donner Association and the Land Trust protected this 240-acre greenbelt. The property is a conglomeration of hundreds of 20’ by 80’ lots, created in 1911 after the San Francisco earthquake as temporary housing should another quake strike. The Land Trust was interested in acquiring the Tract due to its scenic qualities and potential connectivity to the Donner Lake Rim Trail. The town’s interest was similar; to preserve a prominent ridgeline per the Truckee General Plan and to address the potential environmental degradation associated with the development of hundreds of lots on steep slopes in a highly visible location above Donner Lake.

Winter Creek Wetland

This 17-acre parcel, located in the center of town south of Truckee Regional Park was donated by Truckee Partners, Inc. This important wetland serves as a drainage basin and flood control component during large storms. The parcel occasionally hosts large mammals and mule deer foraging for water in spring and early summer.


In 2004, the Land Trust received two important donations of land in the Truckee area, each enhancing the area’s wildlife and recreational opportunities. Ken Inc., the developer of the Pineforest Project, donated 132 acres to the Land Trust. The property is adjacent to the middle school off Alder Road and provides a valuable trail and wildlife corridor from Tahoe Donner to Highway 89. The land also provides riparian habitat along Alder Creek that is important for wildlife and water quality.

Old Greenwood

East West Partners donated 260 acres north of I-80 adjacent to the Old Greenwood and Gray’s Crossing developments. East West is also making a sizable donation to a stewardship endowment fund for management of the property, which will allow permanent public access through a maintained trail network. The project will seamlessly link to Truckee's planned trail network via a class one trail, which will be built by East West and maintained by the Truckee Trails Foundation.