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Dear Friends,

The Truckee Donner Land Trust Board and staff began 2018 with a toast to an encouraging future. A few projects are in the throes of negotiation so we can’t be too explicit. While we hope to make two or three big announcements this spring, we can share that they are important, will knock your socks off, and are game changers for the Truckee Donner region. A bold statement, but we’re that damn excited!

Let me go from on the ground to 30,000 feet for a minute because we’re just as excited share news out of the California legislature.

After years of discussing the need for more focused Sierra representation in Sacramento, founding members of the Sierra Consortium came together in April 2016 to hire a contract lobbyist and work together on conservation issues. The Land Trust is proud to be one of the founding supporters of the Sierra Consortium. The result is Parks and Water Bond: SB 5, the California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal Protection, and Outdoor Access for All Act was placed on the June 2018 ballot by the legislature. The $4 billion bond act includes $142 million in direct funding for Sierra Nevada based agencies, including the Sierra Nevada Conservancy and the California Tahoe Conservancy, for forest restoration, watershed health and conservation.

This is the largest tranche of funding ever for conservation in the Sierra Nevada, that frankly has been ignored. There is also a second citizen’s initiative to fund water supply, restoration and safety moving that is likely to be on the November ballot and contains significant funding for the Sierra Nevada. It’s safe to say this is an exciting time for the region. Many thanks to our colleagues at the Sierra Business Council for driving this agenda.

What this all means on the ground is new funding for protecting wild spaces, improving forest health, restoring streams and meadows for critters as well as downstream water users, and new recreational opportunities. In a period of dramatic climate change, the Land Trust will work with multiple partners on how best our conservation work can mitigate the impacts of a changing climate.  Scientists are telling us our work is critical and the Land Trust has an important role to play.

Here at that Land Trust’s World Headquarters in Truckee, we’re excited to announce that Ward Fansler has returned as our Chief Financial Officer. In addition, Linda Slattery has joined our team as the the jack-of-all-trades extraordinaire. We also have a slate of new Board members who joined us in 2017 and wasted no time rolling up their sleeves advancing the Land Trust’s mission: welcome Aparna Reddy, Dan Simmons, Paco Lindsay, Jim Winterberger and Jean Snuggs.

Our work wouldn’t be possible without your support. We are extremely grateful and welcome your comments, and comments. Please email me at perry@tdlandtrust.org.

Most Sincerely,

Perry Norris

Greyson Howard