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We have our fingers crossed that by the time you read this, all of our local trails will be finally blanketed under winter snow.  And if they are, the Truckee River Legacy Trail is often clear of snow or plowed, and available for a close-to-town walk.  And a very scenic walk at that!  This 5-mile trail, stretching from Truckee River Regional Park to Glenshire Drive, parallels its namesake river, winding past large Jeffrey pines, glacial erratics, and historic ice ponds.

The route is complete with interpretive signage about the history and geology of the Truckee River environs, as well as drawings of the fish that call the Truckee home.  The trail is paved and nearly level, and has benches located at seemingly perfect locations for sitting and listening to the river speak in the muffled tones of winter.

Ample parking is available at either the trail head on Glenshire Drive or the trail head at the Regional Park off Brockway Road.  Limited parking is available at Riverview sports complex.  The Land Trust staff's favorite segment is an out-and back from the Glenshire trail head to the bluffs near the sports complex.  This segment passes through an interesting field of talus, crosses Martis Creek and parallels a pretty stretch of the river.  It also contains the only significant climb.  Of note is the brown pavement: On the section of the trail that traverses federal land, the U.S. Forest service requested the trail be paved in a more natural color to better blend with the natural surroundings.

Future phase of the trail are planned to link the existing portions of trail with Donner Lake and to connect with Squaw Valley and the Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway.

For more information, please check out maps and resources on the Town of Truckee site

Photo credit: Joanna Ruthkowski

Greyson Howard