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Stewardship and Annual Property Monitoring

The Land Trust takes great pride in the management and upkeep of the nearly 15,000 acres it manages.

Management responsibilities include: maintaining a presence, documenting observations on each property and completing a formal annual monitor report.  The monitor report and accompanying photographs are kept on file, and will be used as a reference of past conditions by future staff and volunteers.  Contained in the report are observations of flora and fauna, notes on how the property is recovering from a recent forest fuels management or restoration, levels of public use, and any observed evidence of illegal activities.  The photos are taken from the same location each year, which allows us to document any changes to the landscape.

Some properties, such as Wintercreek Wetland, a 20-acre wetland adjacent to Truckee River Park, are a short walk from the office. Other properties entail a longer day of monitoring either becuase of the size of the property or that the property is quite remote.  Snow Mountain is the Land Trust’s most remote property, and is a 6-mile hike, each way.  The views of the Royal Gorge and the North Fork American are spectacular, making for a great day “at the office”!

The photo to the right shows the Land Trust’s newest staff member Melissa Reilly, who brings a strong science background and a keen knowledge of GPS operations, both of which are very helpful when monitoring properties.

Greyson Howard