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At Van Norden Meadow on Donner Summit, the water in the reservoir was released by the Land Trust last year under Governor Brown’s Emergency drought proclamation. We are happy to see that the meadow has taken to seed and shrubs and grasses are emerging.

A recent study of the meadow's soils and hydrology show a promising future, transitioning to historical conditions.  The Land Trust's wetlands specialist, Lori Carpenter, is certain that in three years the meadow will be healthy, and in five years, “absolutely stunning”.  While the vegetation taking root is impressive, the recovery from flooding the meadow will take years. Lori further states that, “these things, as we seen elsewhere in the Sierra, do not happen overnight.”  Restoration planning by our colleagues at the United States Forest Service and South Yuba River Citizen’s League is well underway with implementation to start in 2018.

Feel free to contact the Land Trust with any questions you may have about Van Norden Meadow.

Greyson Howard