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With more winter snow to come, here are a few suggested outings at Truckee’s doorstep on properties you have helped preserve. 

Johnson Canyon:

You can snowshoe, ski or hike along the creek or hike or ski up to the ridges. It’s a great outing with ample sunshine and views south to Donner Lake and the Pacific Crest Trail.

Donner Summit Canyon:  

Just up Old 40 past Donner Lake, look for a plowed trailhead to the left. Wide trails offer scenic views of granite cliffs with a Yosemite feel.

Waddle Ranch: 

The first to melt after an early season snow storm, you can often still find snow free trails in the meadows and forests. Watch for deer foraging.

Tahoe Donner and Royal Gorge:

You need to buy a pass, but both Tahoe Donner and Royal Gorge offer exceptional cross country skiing on lands protected by the Land Trust.  The groomed trails are fast and fun. The views are stunning from Rowton Peak at Royal Gorge or Hawk’s Peak at Tahoe Donner Cross County.

We hope you get out there and enjoy the land you helped to protect and preserve!

Greyson Howard